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Rider Backrest Pad -Black W/Studs

Rider Backrest Pad -Black W/Studs

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Enjoy enhanced comfort as you drive with the cushioned support provided by this Rider Backrest Pad. It’s covered with All-Weather Vinyl or Genuine Leather, so it adds to your bike’s great look. The vinyl and leather matches other recommended Indian Motorcycle® accessories, such as the All-Weather Vinyl Rogue Seat, the Genuine Leather Rider’s Seat and the Genuine Leather Passenger Seat.
The Rider Backrest Pad provides support to your lower back, keeping you comfortable and in-control mile after mile. The Backrest Mount (required, sold separately) allows the Rider Backrest Pad to be adjustable so you can position yourself for greatest comfort.

  • One Rider Backrest Pad
  • Backrest Pad provides support to your lower back to keep you comfortable and fresh mile after mile
  • Backrest Pad provides the ideal combination of cushion and support
  • Pad is covered with either All-Weather Vinyl or Genuine Leather to delivers durable, long-term comfort
  • Backrest Mount (required, sold separately 2879543) lets you adjust the Rider Backrest Pad position for the optimal support and comfort.
Color Black with Studs
Material Genuine Leather with Studs
Convenience Features

Backrest height and angle (forward/rearward) are easily adjusted to suit the rider

Ease Of Installation Medium
Required Sold Separately Rider Backrest Mount P/N 2879543
Does Not Work With Genuine Leather Extended Reach Seat

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