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Quick Release Windshield Mounting Spools - Cruiser Black

Quick Release Windshield Mounting Spools - Cruiser Black

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Installing these Mounting Spools allows you to add a Quick Release Windshield (sold separately). These spools install on the forks and the Quick Release Windshield locks onto the spools. The spools bolt directly onto the forks and attach to the Quick Release Windshield Mounting Kit (required and sold separately). The spools can be left on the forks when the windshield is not installed, and they will hold Quick Release Windshields of all heights.

  • Includes four spools, mounting hardware, and installation instructions
  • Spools install easily on forks and allow the use of a Quick Release Windshield (sold separately)
  • Windshield locks onto spools and can be installed or removed without tools
  • Spools can be left on forks when windshield is not installed
  • Premium finish

Included: Four Mounting Spools, Mounting Hardware, and Installation Instructions

Required Sold Separately
Quick Release Windshield

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