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Pinnacle Heel Shifter -Chrome

Pinnacle Heel Shifter -Chrome

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Add the convenience and style of a heel shifter to your existing toe shifter with this gleaming chrome and arched Pinnacle Heel Shifter. Once installed, it gives you the convenience and comfort of heel up-shifts and toe downshifts. The Heel Shifter peg is easy to operate and is sized to retain maximum foot room and allows plenty of movement on the floorboard.

  • One Pinnacle Heel Shifter
  • Adds the convenience of a heel shifter and custom style
  • Expands your shifting options by letting you use your heel to upshift or downshift
  • Heel Shifter peg is sized to retain maximum foot room and foot movement on the floorboard
  • Gloss black or chrome finish
  • Coordinates with other accessories
  • Includes Heel Shifter, heel peg, installation hardware, installation instructions
Color Chrome
Material Forged Aluminum
Ease Of Installation Medium

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