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Infinite Highway Pegs, Pair -Black

Infinite Highway Pegs, Pair -Black

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Stretch out and enjoy the open road from the seat of your Indian Motorcycle® with a set of Infinite Highway Pegs providing comfortable perches for your feet. These Highway Pegs let you customize the ergonomics of your Indian Motorcycle® because they can be attached wherever you wish on the highway bars. Mount them low, near the floorboards, or higher up on the bars. Plus, the mounts can be rotated around the bars during installation so the pegs can be set at the angle that provides you with optimal road comfort. The chrome-plated mounts clamp securely to the highway bars, and the Highway Pegs are hinged so they can be folded in when not in use, and then flipped out to host your boot when you’re cruising on your Indian Motorcycle®. With the mounts’ offset design, the pegs never restrict your feet while they’re on the motorcycle’s floorboards or operating the brake or shifter. The durable, grooved rubber covers of the pegs provide sure footing, and they feature Indian Motorcycle® script branding. 

Important Note: A Highway Bar may be required (and sold separately) for certain models.

  • One pair Infinite Highway Pegs
  • Highway Pegs provide comfortable perches for your feet in the positions of your choice
  • Peg mounts let you set the pegs at the angles that provide you with optimal road comfort
  • Mounts install securely on the highway bars
  • Highway Pegs are hinged so they can be folded in when not in use, then flipped out to host your feet
  • Peg mounts’ offset design ensures pegs never restrict your feet while feet are on the floorboards or operating brake or shifter
  • Durable, grooved rubber covers on pegs provide sure footing

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